About InterHands

InterHands is an independent, private and self-owned foundation based in Norway.


The objectives of InterHands is to support international, small scale projects with strong local presence focused on education, health or micro-enterprises through directe involvement and follow-up.


The strategy of InterHands is based on the following principles:

  • Direct and focused support
  • Close contact and follow-up
  • Minimum middleman and administration costs
  • Small number of projects


InterHands is supporting the following projects:

RoughRider Wheelchair Project

To address the overwhelming need for wheelchairs in Vietnam, InterHands has partnered with American and Norwegian wheelchair design and manufacturing companies to enable a Vietnamese wheelchair manufacturer to build and distribute rugged, easily repairable, and ultra affordable wheelchairs to disabled Vietnamese. The projects has been a great success with donors from many countries, including USA and Norway.

Visit www.absfoundation.org for more information.

Hoste Hainse

Hoste Hainse (HH) is a non-government, non-profit organization established in Nepal in 1990. Hoste-Hainse aims to catalyze the development of underprivileged communities of Nepal with focus on education, girls empowerment and health care.

InterHands is a Hoste Hainse donor. We fund students scholarships and other education projects managed by Hoste Hainse and their local representatives.

Visit www.hostehainse.org for more information.


Interhands is eager to fund projects in Africa with focus on education and health care and is currently reviewing a project in Uganda. More information will be posted.



All contact must be made via email. Please contact us at: info@interhands.org.
Due to limited resources we can currently not guarantee an immediate response.

Enterprise number: NO 984 902 514